The new ETV Q20/Q25: safe handling of long goods thanks to maximum manoeuvrability

• Market leader for reach trucks launches new all-rounder • Load always in sight thanks to assistance systems, extra-wide mast and panoramic glass roof • Increased efficiency with reduced energy consumption

Bulky long goods are a challenge in transport and storage operations. Conventional trucks quickly reach their limits particularly when space is tight. Jungheinrich is now opening up new possibilities for warehouse efficiency with its new ETV Q20/Q25 for loads up to 2.5 t and lifting heights up to 10.7 m. With a total of five steering modes, the new multi-way reach truck can also be driven in any desired direction, even by inexperienced drivers. Three steering-support wheels ensure rapid directional change and a minimal turning radius. This means that bulky loads up to 12 m in length can also be transported sideways in narrow warehouse aisles, stored in high racks and manoeuvred without collision while loading lorries. In addition to benefiting from a more efficient material flow, the customer profits from the low energy consumption as well as the maintenance-free electrical brakes on all three wheels. Jungheinrich offers a wide range of optional extras and numerous battery variants for the ETV Q20/Q25, such as the 2Shift1Charge warranty as well as modern lithium-ion technology, which means the trucks can be adapted to any application.

Fabien Tozzi, Head of Product Management, explains: "The ETV Q20/Q25 is the latest development in Jungheinrich's successful range of reach trucks. It allows the particularly economical transport of long goods in the tightest of spaces, making the most efficient use of the available area. The ability to control all three wheels directly, steer them and brake them depending on load weight, sets new benchmarks in terms of safety and precision. Thanks to the 360° steering, the truck features a minimal turning circle and the fastest possible directional changes. This makes the ETV Q20/Q25 vastly superior to any conventional four-way truck. The ergonomically arranged display and operating elements as well as the unobstructed visibility ensure optimal control and intuitive handling. To accommodate different load widths, Jungheinrich offers an optional integrated hydraulic tine adjuster. This means, in addition to shifting standard pallets, the truck is a pro in the flexible transportation of long goods. In a nutshell, the comprehensive features translate into high cost-effectiveness."

A range of assistance systems support the driver, raise productivity and ensure the highest possible safety for personnel, loads and hardware: curveCONTROL reduces speed whilst cornering; the lifting height pre-selection positionCONTROL simplifies loading and unloading and displays the lifting height to the driver. This protects both load and rack to equal measure. OperationCONTROL warns against overloading and exceeding the residual load capacity; driveCONTROL reduces travel speed when the forks are raised, and the end switch system prevents the forks or load from landing on the support arms, preventing damage to the load or truck. Mast reach cushioning reduces mast vibrations and ensures safe stacking and unloading. In addition, other optional systems, such as reversing or tine cameras, are available. By interfacing the truck to the warehouse management system, the WMS transmits the lifting height to the truck for loading or unloading operations. The driver only needs to activate the lifting task and the truck automatically stops the fork at the right height.

The newly designed workplace offers more room, a wider, cushioned armrest, a triple-adjustable comfort seat and an easy-to-read colour display. Depending on his requirements, the driver can control the hydraulics with a joystick or simply the touch of a finger. The visibility is also improved: the widened mast gives the driver a better view of the fork and load as well as upwards through the optional panoramic glass roof.

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