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Batteries/charging technology

The efficient use of energy is a key priority of our products. For you, that translates into a drop in overall costs, greater range, and continuous availability of material handling equipment, no emissions, and a positive energy balance.

We can make this all happen, because we are the only supplier to develop and manufacture our own vehicles and control units, as well as the software, batteries, and charging technology, resulting in a comprehensive system from a single source. All components are matched and networked to each other, and ensure the best possible handling, safety and energy consumption.

A pioneer for decades.

Jungheinrich is a true pioneer in the electro mobility sector.

More than 95 percent of our manufactured vehicles, or just about all models, are electrically powered. Over the decades, we have continually enhanced the intelligent overall system consisting of vehicles, batteries, and charging technology. In this way, we can already guarantee two-shift availability on only one charge, thanks to our proven lead-free batteries. By utilizing superior and fully maintenance-free Jungheinrich lithium-ion technology, we are raising electro mobility in warehouses to a whole new level.

The advantage of having smart charging technology

Charging devices are crucial. Jungheinrich charging technology is cutting-edge, and still totally straightforward and absolutely safe to use. The microprocessor brain of our charging devices ensures optimum charging under all conditions so that you can quickly and fully recharge your vehicles or top them off even faster to make them operationally available once again. 

Quality that you can rely on

The battery is the beating heart of any electric forklift truck. Jungheinrich is a pioneer in the field of electric power and regularly sets the standards in this area. Discover the outstanding quality and top performance of our batteries for yourself.

For maximum efficiency

With the right charging technology, you can stay ahead of the competition. Over time, Jungheinrich has developed sophisticated charging technology, which is subject to continuous development – so that you can benefit from maximum energy efficiency.

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