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Retail and wholesale

Speed, flexibility and optimum cost efficiency are key when it comes to logistics processes in retail and wholesale trade. The e-commerce boom in particular has made intelligent solutions an essential requirement for all customers. After all, every minute counts!

E-commerce shipping process efficiently automated

For an American e-commerce pioneer, we automated the transport and put more reliability into the process.

Retail and wholesale trade: Speed is your key to success.

E-commerce and online retail are on the rise. Retail and wholesale customers have very clear expectations: rapid delivery and additional resources during seasonal sales peaks or campaign periods. When combined, these individual factors require storage and order picking with maximum flexibility. Are you looking for a holistic, flexible and scalable solution? Or perhaps you require an omni-channelling distribution centre for all incoming order types? Then you have come to the right place! We offer tailored logistics solutions for the world of retail and wholesale trade.

Logistics 4.0: Stay ahead of the game with Jungheinrich

In this era of Logistics 4.0, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution built around our Warehouse Management System - Jungheinrich WMS. It covers all processes from goods receipt to dispatch and can for example be used to direct a (semi-)automated narrow aisle warehouse involving automated guided vehicles with the utmost efficiency. This saves you both time and money.

Other benefits offered by our custom logistics solutions for retail and wholesale trade include run-specific provisioning of full and mixed pallets, processing of same/next-day delivery or professional handling of high return volumes. In addition, our ergonomic order picking solutions ensure optimum space utilisation and enhanced safety in your warehouse.

Last but not least, customers benefit from a wide range of powerful and energy-efficient pallet and forklift trucks. The innovative EKX 513 combi truck, for example, features transponder technology with RFID readers (RFID = radio frequency identification). Goods equipped with chips can then be recorded automatically. In these times of green logistics, it goes without saying that our trucks are available in electric form – for even greater cost savings and added environmental protection. You can trust in Jungheinrich to help you react faster and get ahead in the world of retail and wholesale trade.

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