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Stage Motoren

Electric drives and drivetrains

As one of the leading manufacturers in this segment, we develop individual solutions for you.

Electromobility not only for forklift trucks

In our development center for electric motors and drive systems, we develop demanding electromobility projects for the Jungheinrich vehicle portfolio as well as for our customers from other industries. We are also active in applied research in collaboration with various universities.

With around 300 employees and an annual production of up to 500,000 electric motors or electric drives, we have become – in cooperation with our partner companies – one of the largest global manufacturers of electric motors.

Any kind of electric motor or drive 

Our portfolio includes traction and drive motors powering the vehicle via a transmission unit as well as hydraulic and pump motors for gear pump drives from different manufacturers. Additionally, we develop steering motors for steer-by-wire steering or as steering assistance. As a system supplier, we can also realize complete drive units with controller, display, harness, contactors, transmission, steering and wheel.

Fit for the future with synchronous reluctance motors

Our new inhouse developed synchronous reluctance motor combines the high performance and energy efficiency of synchronous motors with the cost and maintenance advantages of the three-phase asynchronous motors. During operation, the new motor technology converts around 93 percent of the energy into power. Thus, energy losses are halved and energy consumption is distinctly lowered, while the vehicle’s performance is significantly enhanced.

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