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Low level order pickers

Durable, reliable and versatile

High-quality processing, robust design and the best performance values: These are the secrets that have transformed Jungheinrich into the market leader in this segment, thanks to significant sales figures and high customer satisfaction.

Our ECE Series 1, 2 and 3 low level order pickers are the 'workhorses' of the warehouse up to the second racking level. The transition to the medium/high level order pickers is represented by our EKS Series 1 with a picking height of up to 4.60 m.

Your ergonomic path to more picks per hour

Despite their compact dimensions, our ECEs boast a spacious operator seat and numerous practical storage areas on the front panel and backrest. With their 2.4 m long forks, these low level order pickers are able to pick up as many as three pallets weighing up to 2.5 t. Their 8-mm steel frame and a high-quality stainless steel skirt on the front cover provide the required safety. Adapt the low level order picker of your choice to meet your individual operational requirements! We can guarantee this with a number of additional options.

Battery concepts for multi-shift operation

Our different battery concepts up to 620 Ah allow us to ensure that our trucks are also ideal for cost-effective multi-shift operation. Our lithium-ion batteries (240 Ah or 360 Ah) now also give you the option of short-term fast charging and boost charging. The significantly improved efficiency also ensures your order pickers have a longer service life.

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Only the No. 1 is good enough for your warehouse.

Improve order picking with the No. 1.

The Jungheinrich ECE is the No. 1 among horizontal order pickers. Even the standard version of the ECE is a winner: with top performance results; the jetPILOT multifunction steering wheel, which was honoured with the Red Dot Award; and greater operator comfort. Smart features like the easyPILOT remote solution let you further improve your pick rate. Whether it's future-oriented li-ion technology or the proven standard with lead-acid batteries – choose the Jungheinrich ECE that meets your own everyday requirements.

Your ECE advantages:

The No. 1 is only a phone call away!

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First-class operation is standard – thanks to ECE with jetPILOT.

A better driving experience. Greater driving safety. More efficiency and fun. The jetPILOT brings all these advantages together in one multifunction steering wheel. Our bestselling control element won the "Best of the Best" Red Dot Design Award in 2016. The individually height-adjustable multifunction steering wheel combines all the advantages of tiller and wheel-based steering and lets you steer just like a car, with no need for familiarisation.

Your jetPILOT advantages:

  • Standard in every ECE.
  • Intuitive and comfortable operation, similar to a car, plus a safe and secure grip.
  • Less strain on the neck and spinal column when cornering.
  • One-handed operation and automatic return of the steering wheel to straight-line travel.
  • Adjustable to individual body size.

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easyPILOT: makes the No. 1 even more efficient.

The ECE with easyPILOT is the most efficient order picking solution on the market. The smart easyPILOT remote solution leaves your hands totally free, allowing you to save time and focus completely on order picking. Choose between the new easyPILOT Follow and easyPILOT Control, as needed. With easyPILOT Follow, the ECE will follow you wherever you go for even more efficient order picking. easyPILOT Control offers you a range of innovative options for operating your ECE remotely – thus making processes even easier and improving your hourly pick rate by as much as 30 per cent.

Your easyPILOT advantages:

  • Improved efficiency thanks to up to 30% more picks per hour.
  • Optimised and simplified order picking processes.
  • Easy and intuitive operation.
  • Seamless switching between the easyPILOT and jetPILOT operating modes.
  • Extremely safe for operators and the environment thanks to side-mounted signal lamps, DayLEDs and collision protection.
  • High availability: all devices in the ECE family are available with easyPILOT.

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easyPILOT Follow – The No. 1 as a constant companion.

With easyPILOT Follow, your performance knows no bounds. Auto-pairing enables you to easily connect to the desired vehicle for the duration of use. All you need to do is carry the easyPILOT Follow Bar. When you start moving, the vehicle follows you automatically and your connection to the vehicle remains 100 per cent reliable even when handling heavy loads. Your vehicle is therefore always at your side, and you achieve an optimal picking result.

easyPILOT Control – Everything under control thanks to the No. 1.

With easyPILOT Control, you achieve more picks per hour with just one hand movement. The intuitive easyPILOT Control Bar, easyPILOT Control Band and easyPILOT Control keypad operation options help you to pick orders more efficiently. Simple double or triple taps on the Control Bar are all it takes to set the ECE in motion. The ECE automatically travels an individually preset and configurable distance and stops immediately with a single tap on the Control Bar. You can also reliably control the ECE using the Control Band on your wrist. When you press the Control Band twice and then hold, the vehicle moves a preset distance and stops as soon as you let go of the button again. Control via keypad operation completes the intuitive operation of the ECE. Use the arrows on the remote control unit to drive the No. 1 back and forth – the optimal solution for short distances.

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With Jungheinrich li-ion technology, you will easily leave your competition behind: Maximum performance at up to 20 % less energy consumption. Three times longer service life. Extremely short charging times. Zero maintenance. Reduce your fleet’s TCO with significantly lower operating costs. 

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