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Reach trucks

Reach trucks – agile and powerful

For over sixty years, our reach trucks have been delivering reliable service and performance in warehouses across the globe. Particularly in confined conditions, our electric reach trucks set new benchmarks thanks to their compact construction and outstanding lifting capacity.

The reach truck principle

Reach trucks offer two major advantages: The first is their compact construction, while the second is the amazing lift height of up to 13,000 millimetres. When picking up loads, the reach truck moves its mast forward until the forks are positioned in front of the truck. This is known as "forward reach". The goods are then "pulled back" between the front and rear axles for subsequent transport. This operating principle reduces the overall length of the truck, making it extremely agile. It also improves driving stability and minimises the need for compensation via counterweights. This allows our electric reach trucks to transport loads weighing up to 2.5 tons quickly and safely to their destination.

Electric reach trucks: Narrow-aisle specialists

The narrower the aisles, the more racks you can fit into the same surface area. For this reason, many businesses opt for a modern narrow-aisle warehouse as part of their logistics solution. It is in such environments that our electric reach trucks demonstrate their full capability. Thanks to the reach mast and resulting compactness, they can easily navigate the narrowest of aisles. At the same time, reach trucks offer very high acceleration as well as impressive lift and reach speeds, which in turn ensures excellent throughput performance. We also cater for the individual requirements and storage systems of your business with a number of options packages ranging from "Efficiency" to "Drive & Lift Plus". These enable rapid pallet turnover – even at great lift heights – and allow you to cover long distances at high speed.

Reach trucks for indoor and outdoor use

As well as a number of different lift heights and capacity classes, our reach truck range also includes models for varying ground conditions. If you use your trucks both indoors and outdoors for example, you will benefit from the optional super-elastic tyres. This ensures maximum travel safety on any terrain – be it smooth concrete floors or bumpy asphalt. You can also choose to fit the electric reach trucks with cabins for outdoor usage.

Lower your costs with reach trucks

With our electric reach trucks, you will enjoy a number of technical and ergonomic benefits. This includes our innovative technology for energy recovery during braking, which greatly reduces overall energy consumption. You can thus reduce your operating costs by up to twenty percent in the long term. Numerous operating and control functions are also available for enhanced efficiency and safety: These range from different travel programs to PIN access control and rack height select.

Reach Truck 1,6t

The world’s first reach truck with a fully integrated lithium-ion battery.

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