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Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks for every application

With our wide range of pallet trucks, we provide the perfect product for your individual requirements. If you transport large quantities of goods and heavy loads across short distances on a daily basis, you will reap the benefits of using our manual hand pallet trucks. Thanks to their high load capacity and outstanding manoeuvrability, these pallet trucks provide invaluable assistance in any warehouse. If your goods are more difficult to lift and transport, you should step up to one of our specialist electric pallet trucks. Alternatively, if your needs involve stacking goods at great heights, our electric stacker trucks are a perfect choice.

Always in the right position

If your staff are regularly required to lift and move heavy goods, you are no doubt aware of the possible health implications. In cases like this, our hydraulic scissor lift trucks provide the ideal solution. With a load capacity of up to one ton and lift height ranging up to 800 millimetres, they enable comfortable working positions while also delivering flexible usage applications. For example, you can use the truck as a pallet truck, lift table, provisioning table or workbench. Using a fork height of approximately 350 millimetres, support legs provide additional stability for the hydraulic stacker. You have the option of either manual or electro-hydraulical powered lift/lower mechanisms, a maintenance-free 70 A battery powers the electric lift motor.

Needs-based pallet truck solutions

Be it for short or long distances, solely in pedestrian mode or as a ride-on truck: We offer electric pallet trucks to suit all requirements. Find out which of our electric pallet trucks is the right one for your warehouse.

Individual solutions for every warehouse

Our electric stacker trucks always transport your goods safely to their destination – regardless of the lift heights and transport distances that exist in your warehouse. Find out which of our stackers is the right one for your warehouse.

Powerful transport aids

A wide range of hand pallet trucks are available for heavy loads, flat pallets, special dimensions, simultaneous weighing and much more besides. You can rest assured that we have the right hand pallet truck for your needs.

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