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Increased efficiency and safety, reduced costs

Fleet management

With our fleet management product ISM Online your intralogistics processes become more efficient and safer than before. Benefit from our experience and know-how resulting from more than ten years of fleet management. 

ISM Online

These products work internationally, regardless of fleet size and complexity - this also includes vehicles from different manufacturers. Our experts are happy to visit you on your premises for a thorough consultation. The advantages are clear: raise the availability and productivity of your fleet, while reducing your operating costs and increasing the safety for people and machines.

Jungheinrich ISM Online is an information system for truck management and offers a comprehensive fleet management system, which allows you to manage your entire truck fleet, regardless the size or complexity of your truck fleet. Jungheinrich's fleet management system allows a detailed analysis of your trucks - manufacturer-independent. Additionally, ISM Online forklift fleet management enables you to manage your fleet internationally and more efficiently. Consequently, transparency and safety of your truck fleet in the warehouse will increase.

Go smart with ISM Online mobile

Your job requires you to travel a lot but you’d still like to keep track? Regardless of where you are – at your office, at the warehouse or on the road: With ISM Online mobile you can easily access the current status of warehouse trucks and drivers on your mobile device. Anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to install any apps or waste precious storage space – simply and intuitively use ISM Online mobile via your browser.

Which advantages does Jungheinrich’s fleet management system offer?

ISM Online is an analytical system for collection, monitoring and evaluation of data – multi-sited, international and manufacturer-independent. The easy-to-use and web-based fleet management system provides concrete data for concrete decisions. Thus, you can manage your forklift fleet efficiently and at optimal costs. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Compilation of business and technical truck data
  • Comprehensible, meaningful evaluations and graphs
  • Continous access to your truck data anywhere and at any time
  • International truck fleet data from multiple locations
  • Certified security of the ISM Online fleetmanagement system
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Fleet management modules can be combined individually
  • Cost optimization of your forklift fleet

How does ISM Online work?

The Jungheinrich fleet management system ISM Online combines business data, operational truck and shock data in one system for your forklift fleet. You will be able to access all your fleet data via the Management Portal in a protected area on the internet.

Retrieving information about your truck fleet is possible from anywhere in the world at any time. The high level of data transparency of Jungheinrich’s fleet management system will help you to reduce your operating costs and manage your fleet efficiently and safely.
The Basic module and Operating costs module are used to report master data, contract data and costs.

The Security and Productivity modules round out fleet analysis. The two modules are used in combination with truck components (access module, data recorder with shock sensor and transmitter). Components installed on your trucks send recorded data via a Gateway to the Management Portal, where the data is combined with business data, thus forming a comprehensive basis of information. Separate modules can be individually combined.


The Jungheinrich Fleet Management ISM Online consists of four different modules that are individually adapted to your requirements regarding truck management, safety in the warehouse and analysis options. Here you will get to know the modules that would best suit your fleet.

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