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Stage ECE 310

Order picker 1.0t

  • 750 - 750 mm
  • 1000 - 1000 kg
  • Maximum picking performance
  • Powerful motor
  • jetPILOT multifunction steering wheel
  • Individually adjustable workstation

ECE 310

The ECE 310 combines maximum picking performance with optimum energy efficiency and first-class operator comfort. The basis for this is the combination of high technical performance with a number of ergonomic advantages.

Various options packages and the load/steer angle-dependent curveCONTROL assistance system (optional), fully exploit the strengths of the ECE 310: dynamic acceleration, safe cornering and high maximum speed, always ensuring best possible energy utilisation.

With its ergonomic lift, the ECE 310 is able to lift loads of up to 1000 kg to an ergonomic height of up to 840 mm so that the operator can conveniently deposit the goods at the "right" height.

Users also benefit from a perfect workplace for comfortable order picking due to the easily accessible controls and accessory parts. The central operator position with its patented jetPILOT also enables intuitive and convenient operation as in a car.

For optimised picking processes with high performance requirements, we offer semi-automatic control of the ECE via a radio control unit, the easyPILOT. This enables the operator to move the truck to the next picking location without having to climb aboard and drive it. This not only saves unnecessary walking but also increases the picking performance significantly, especially when travelling short distances. Efficiency is further enhanced by driveNAVIGATION, the optional WMS connection for our ECE with easyPILOT.

The ECE 310 actively helps to raise productivity in the warehouse. In addition to impressive speed and acceleration values, along with the best energy consumption values on the market, the comprehensive options catalogue and the easyPILOT system provide the ideal basis for efficient and ergonomic working.


With Jungheinrich li-ion technology, you will easily leave your competition behind: Maximum performance at up to 20 % less energy consumption. Three times longer service life. Extremely short charging times. Zero maintenance. Reduce your fleet’s TCO with significantly lower operating costs. 


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