Warehouse Management System

Jungheinrich WMS – Simply makes it easier.

The Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System manages controls and optimises your warehouse, ensuring that your processes are sustainably efficient and effective.

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Basic characteristics

  • Future-proof
  • Process reliability
  • Increase in transparency
  • Increased efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Multi-lingualism

Constant consideration of the ergonomic requirements as per EN ISO 9241 ensures sustained relaxed working. Only provide the employees on the terminals with the information that they need to carry out their work.

Industry independence
More than 150 customers from different industries are already benefiting from increased efficiency in their warehousing processes thanks to their use of the Jungheinrich WMS. The industry independence has also been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics with proven capability in 90 different industries. The functional support of diverse master data had a particular impact on this.

Advantages in overview

  • Billing – logistics service accounting
  • Documentation
  • Multiple warehouse module
  • Batch traceability as per EU 178/2002
  • Loading module
  • Quality assurance
  • Client module
  • Serial number management
  • Packing module
  • Interface module to SAP and all current host and ERP systems

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Advantages in detail

Billing – logistics service accounting

If you are a third party logistics provider and operate your warehouse for third parties, you can use this module to reduce the costs for recording and evaluation of the logistics services provided.

Quality assurance

The Jungheinrich WMS provides different options for quality assurance. For example, individual stocks, batches, clients, load aids and areas may for example be barred against retrieval or released again in accordance with the defined quality assurance criteria.


Individual training documents and release notes, which can are be accessed online, are available to each individual Jungheinrich WMS user.

Client module

As a warehouse operator or logistics provider, you can use the client module to transparently and efficiently manage the inventories of several of your customers (clients). Warehouse stocks and the associated processes are managed with the respective clients as owners.

Multiple warehouse module

Warehouse management across multiple warehouse locations: The multiple warehouse capability makes it possible to manage multiple locations clearly, to synchronise processes and to execute warehouse activities as needed across all warehouses or only in certain warehouses.

Serial number management

This module enables serial numbers to be managed in the Jungheinrich WMS. The WMS offers various support and monitoring functions for the easy recording of serial numbers.

Batch traceability as per EU 178/2002

The batch traceability function in the Jungheinrich WMS, as per EU 178/2002, provides mechanisms and documentation for supporting and monitoring the proper management of batch numbers. The item master data determines which items are subject to the batch management requirement. The batch number format can be defined for the validity check.

Packing module

This module supports your employees when packing the picked goods. The pack dialogs are adapted to individual customer requirements using profile definitions. The settings in the profile relate, for example, to the pack mode, the packing date, the automatic receipt printing or feedback to a higher-level host system. The pack mode also determines which data is to be saved or processed for the packing list. The number of packages, the packaged weight and an inventory reference can be recorded or also a direct conversion of the load aid used for the picking into a package unit.

Loading module

The loading module in the Jungheinrich WMS controls the loading process, enabling the sequence of loading in accordance with a predefined route. In addition, a complete recording is made of all important transport data.

Interface module to SAP and all current host and ERP systems

The Jungheinrich WMS guarantees the data exchange and communication via interfaces to all current host and ERP systems and offers a certified interface to SAP systems.

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