Jungheinrich fork lift trucks have been reliably and efficiently stacking and transporting goods in the warehouses of the world for many decades. Quite simply, because they run, and run, and run … and because they are profitable, profitable, profitable!

Today, in this context, we talk about the Total Cost of Operations (TCO), or the overall costs for the owner. The total expenditure required for everything from purchase through to disposal. They are the crucial success factor in every investment decision.

Jungheinrich offers you the best solutions for maximising this success factor. Its trucks, racking systems and services offer an excellent range of investment opportunities which will reduce your operating costs by up to 20 percent.

Jungheinrich calls this promise BestInvest. It helps you turn your costs into something profitable. So that you can make the best investment decision. Work out your own Jungheinrich BestInvest. And you'll see the profits in black and white.

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