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Stage DFG 320

Hydrodynamic forklift truck 1.6 - 2.0t

  • 2900 - 7500 mm
  • 1600 - 2000 kg
  • Drive axle with maintenance-free wet-disc brake
  • Electrically applied parking brake
  • Optimum visibility in all directions
  • Robust and efficient Kubota industrial motors
  • Functional, safe and low-vibration workstation

DFG/ TFG 316/ 320

Our sturdy, universal trucks with torque converters (in short: converters) offer you high throughputs for all transport duties. The strengths of the converter can be clearly seen especially over medium and long-distance routes; smooth and judder-free operation and optimum efficiency at medium and high speeds.

Even at low speeds, the globally proven Kubota motors offer high torque. This reduces fuel consumption and minimises noise development. The motors have been specially designed for use in forklift trucks and are characterised by their high degree of reliability and long service life.

Our drive axle with integrated, wear-free wet-disc brakes represents optimised efficiency, outstanding reliability and low service costs. The braking effect is not negatively affected by ambient conditions. The enclosed design makes sure of this.

The operator’s cab is functionally designed with the operator in mind. Visibility in all directions is outstanding. This guarantees focused work and the best conditions for high productivity throughout the shift.

Thanks to the special counterweight design, the truck's centre of gravity is low and in an ideal physical location between the axles. This results in above-average stability and driving safety.


Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
DFG 3161600 kg7500 mm19 km/h3311 mm
TFG 3161600 kg7500 mm20 km/h3311 mm
DFG 3202000 kg7500 mm19 km/h 3368 mm
TFG 3202000 kg7500 mm20 km/h3368 mm

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