Stage ERE 120_125_225

Stand-on pallet truck 2.0 - 3.0t

  • 122 - 122 mm
  • 2000 - 3000 kg
  • Flexible and agile
  • Efficient drive concept
  • Individually adjustable
  • Intelligent assistance systems

ERE 120/ 125/ 225

The ERE combines compact manoeuvrability with the comfort of a ride-on truck. It is therefore the ideal truck for high-performance loading and unloading of HGVs, the transport of high loads over distance and the order picking of a wide variety of goods.

A modular system is available for adaptation to customer-specific application. Consequently, the transport of goods is even quicker and more efficient.

Using positionCONTROL (optional) can also increase productivity by up to 15%. In addition to productivity, the focus is also on ergonomics, particularly the for various operator requirements. Different stand-on platform variants with innovative operating concepts offer the perfect features to achieve this.

Numerous additional options and the robust design of the trucks make work easier, increase the safety of the operator and truck and reduce vibrations experienced by the operator.

In addition to the innovative platform suspension, the complete drive unit is spring loaded with shockPROTECT to reduce shocks and impacts.

The ERE handles this more efficiently than any other truck in its class. An optimised truck setup facilitates extra-long operating times and guarantees maximum throughput with an energy saving of up to 33%. The additional options packages drivePLUS and drive&ecoPLUS allow for even faster and efficient transport of goods.


With Jungheinrich li-ion technology, you will easily leave your competition behind: Maximum performance at up to 20 % less energy consumption. Three times longer service life. Extremely short charging times. Zero maintenance. Reduce your fleet’s TCO with significantly lower operating costs. 


Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
ERE 1202000 kg122 mm9 km/h1919 mm24 V
ERE 1252500 kg122 mm9 km/h1919 mm24 V
ERE 2252500 kg122 mm12,5 km/h1919 mm24 V

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