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Stage Under Pallet Carrier UPC

Under Pallet Carrier 1.5t

  • 27 mm
  • 1,500 kg
  • Collision-free work
  • Flexible handling of different pallet types
  • Optimum space utilisation
  • Can be used with virtually any Jungheinrich fork lift truck

Under Pallet Carrier UPC

Our Compact Storage System with UPC (Under Pallet Carrier) – consisting of carrier, carrier truck and channel racking – facilitates optimum utilisation of storage space. UPC racking provides sufficient height and width for several pallet channels. The low height utilisation per channel level also allows effective use of the available storage height. Any Jungheinrich fork lift truck with sufficient residual capacity can be used as a carrier truck.

The UPC is particularly effective during repeated stacking and retrieval in the same pallet channel or when buffering a large quantity of the same pallets. The UPC is put on the forks of the carrier truck and used in the pallet channel. There it travels independently under the stored pallets without being connected to the carrier truck.

After putting down the first pallet on the UPC rail in the racking channel and pressing the start button on the operating terminal, the controller carries out all necessary travel and lift movements independently. Sensors recognise the position of stored pallets. There is therefore no danger of collision when stacking and retrieving new pallets.

The operator can pick up another pallet while the carrier is travelling, place it at the start of the channel, start the next stacking operation and begin a new work cycle. The retrieval is carried out accordingly.

The operating terminal and controller communicate via bi-directional radio link run on the registration-free ISM band (433 MHz).


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