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Stage EZW 515

Flatbed truck 1.5t

  • 1,500 kg
  • Compact and manoeuvrable truck
  • Version with and without cab
  • Loading area can carry up to 1.5 t
  • Outstanding driver comfort thanks to sprung frame
  • Electrohydraulic steering

EZW 515

Robust, versatile and economic – these are the advantages of our EZS 515 electric flatbed truck. Whether indoors or outdoors: With a load capacity up to 1.5 t, this heavy-duty, high-performance flatbed truck is suitable for almost every application.

In addition to outstanding travel comfort and safety, the Series 5 tow tractors also offer outstanding performance with low energy consumption.

  • Ideal for maintenance, rapid supply of spare parts or as four-wheel tow tractors.
  • Able to meet requirements for load gates, tarpaulin top or boxed housings.
  • Comfort suspension system: The fully cushioned suspension with springs and shock absorbers on all wheels protects the operator's back as well as the truck.
  • Robust design: The strong steel frame and heavy-duty moulded parts last for the entire service life of the truck even when used day in, day out.
  • LED lighting: The optional lighting is environmentally friendly and not sensitive to vibrations.
  • Suitable couplings can be attached.
  • Spacious operator position: A low footstep and spacious footwell ensure ergonomic operation as well as the arrangement and accessibility of the steering wheel and switches.
  • Electro-hydraulic steering enables precise driving with less effort.
  • Automatic parking brake with roll-back protection: When the truck comes to a standstill on slopes, it is secured by an automatic parking brake.
  • The 48-V, 3-phase AC motor provides powerful acceleration and a high top speed.
  • Regenerative braking: The braking energy is fed back into the battery, thereby extending its operating period.

Conclusion: Sophisticated ergonomics and technology in the form of our EZW 515 ensure safe, effortless working combined with cost and energy efficiency.


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