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Small parts storage static

  • Quick access to any item
  • Wide range of accessories for high adaptation capability
  • Excellent utilisation of space
  • Easy to assemble
  • A perfect duo in combination with our EKS trucks

Modular high bay racking

If you want to store many different small parts in a very confined space, utilise the entire height of your hall with modular high-bay racking. As a picking warehouse for smaller packing units, it is the ideal addition to the narrow-aisle warehouse for pallets, as it can be operated with the same truck. The comprehensive range of accessories and the simple components enable tailored adaptation to your goods. Thanks to the boltless system, the height of the racking is adjustable, with heights of more than 14 metres being possible in high-bay warehouses. This means that high capacities are possible even with a small footprint. The operation is carried out in perfect coordination with our EKS medium / high level order pickers. We provide you with racking and order picking equipment from a single source.


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