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Cantilever racking

  • Can be extended as required
  • Fast adaptation to changes in product ranges
  • Direct access to all goods
  • Mobile solution to gain even more space
  • Also suitable for outdoor use

Cantilever racking

When you need to store bars, pipes or panels, you want quick and easy access at all times. This is precisely what cantilever racking was developed for. It comprises racking uprights and cantilever arms (= that come forward) to safely accommodate long goods of all weight classes and lengths. Optional roll-away protection provides an additional safeguard for the goods. Each racking upright is equipped with multiple cantilever arms, the number and spacing of which is tailored to the weight of the goods stored. The ability to extend as required means you can stay flexible. Want to store goods of different lengths or even pallets on the same racking? There's the option of connecting the cantilever arms using galvanised mesh or shelving. Movable racking can also be used to create additional space.


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