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Stager EKX 516a

Automatic high-rack stacker

  • 3,500 - 13,000 mm
  • 1,400 - 1,600 kg
  • Automatic, reliable and offering great process security when carrying out warehouse tasks at high lift heights.
  • Different options for pallet storage and retrieval
  • High level of safety and efficiency
  • Gradual automation
  • Planning, realisation and after sales from a single source

EKX 516a

Our EKXa is an Automated Guided Vehicle – based on our tried-and-tested EKX electric order picker/three-lateral stacker. The EKXa excels with its high performance at lift heights up to 13,000 mm.

Equipped with an 80 volts drive system and a new maintenance-free synchronous reluctance motor, the EKXa sets new performance standards while at the same time reducing energy loss by as much as 10%. With top performance data at minimal energy consumption, it can operate for two shifts without a battery change, even in demanding applications. For more pallets per hour and even longer operating times. In addition, our Automated Guided Vehicle EKXa offers optional integration of an on-board battery charger, bus bar and current collector equipment for 24/7 operation.

Using our EKXa allows you to design much more efficient warehouse processes. Fieldtested wire guidance in conjunction with RFID transponders ensures accurate positioning at storage locations, as well as automatic aisle changes.

Our EKX in all of its variants has been the industry benchmark for years, and with the option of automation in stages, it is entirely future proof. As a fully automated truck, the AGV demonstrates its strengths especially well in narrow aisles, even in standard routine tasks, it helps to save you time and money through greater efficiency and process security.


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