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Two shifts – one battery. Guaranteed.

More endurance. Higher performance. 16 hours with just one battery charge.

Those who last longer are the winners – and not just in the ring. If you want to go the full distance, you need more than power. Above all else, you need endurance. With 2Shifts1Charge, your forklifts will be able to work two shifts at a time with no interim charging or having to switch the battery. That saves you precious time and valuable energy while lowering your operating costs. One of the things that makes this possible is our newly developed synchronous reluctance motor; it combines the high performance and energy efficiency of synchronous motors with the cost and maintenance benefits of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. This new motor converts about 93 percent of energy into useable output and cuts energy loss in half.

Clear the ring for 2Shifts1Charge!

In the ring, power alone is not enough. If you want to win, you need plenty of endurance. With 2Shifts1Charge from Jungheinrich, your forklifts will last through two shifts. Without interruption. Guaranteed. Get ready for it!

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