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Optimised weighing of spices

Automated guided vehicles link AVO spice silos

'Taste and Technology' is the secret to the success of AVO, one of Europe's leading spice specialists. The associated willingness to innovate and renovate caused AVO to optimise intralogistics processes with the aid of suitable technology.

Automation and optimisation

There were three key reasons for why automated guided vehicle systems (AGV-S) at spice manufacturer AVO’s sites were used for transportation to the spice-weighing equipment. Firstly, to achieve even greater accuracy with spice mixtures. Secondly, having the ability to fully trace the recipes, and thirdly, to relieve site staff from constantly repeating tasks. In addition, there was also a requirement to process smaller batch sizes with the most varied components whilst avoiding any kind of contamination.

Goran Milosevic
Works manager of the AVO plants

"We were amazed at how quickly and easily our operators acquired the necessary skills and how quickly they identified with the machines.“

Automated guided vehicle systems

Laser-controlled, automated guided vehicle systems at AVO the spice manufacturer, have handled transport in the spice weighing area for several years. Their task is to position the collecting containers under bottling and dosing systems with great accuracy.

The advantages of automated guided vehicle systems lie in laser navigation, which ensures optimised routes as well as practically eliminating transport damage. With availability of 98 percent, they offer great reliability, minimal personnel costs, and standardised procedures.

An additional benefit is that the AGV-S can be readily integrated into available infrastructure, resulting in no need for processing and waiting time. Another positive effect is that due to warehouse navigation, there is no need to place a physical lane marking on the ground so that the site layout in the AGV-S area can be flexibly redesigned at any time e.g. if changing production processes make this necessary.

We chose the EKS 210 vertical order picker as the basic vehicle for the automated guided vehicle system at the AVO sites. The key factors for this decision are its load capacity of 1000 kilogrammes, its travel speed of nine kilometres per hour as well as its excellent manoeuvrability, which is indispensable when weighing spices in restricted spaces.

Flexibility and autonomy

Goran Milosevic, works manager of the AVO plants, continues to reflect: "We used to move our raw materials mostly by hand. As we considered automation processes, a driverless transport system was the right choice." The essential difference with automation is that instead of eight raw materials, AVO-Werke is now able to dose, weigh and fill forty spices automatically.

For this reason, Goran Milosevic is absolutely delighted with the AGV-S and adds: "I would choose this system again without hesitation. I was amazed at how quickly and easily our operators acquired the necessary skills and how quickly they identified with the machines. We even have visits from customers who are interested in an AGV solution to review the Jungheinrich AGV-S."

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