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From stacking to racking: a clear path to success.

Service Link India sees the way forward to productive operations.

When Service Link India wanted to replace its outdated stacking system, stability and safe handling was the prime focus. Jungheinrich’s superior stable racking, smooth fleet, and bespoke operator training swept away all concerns, increasing employee confidence, production and throughput.


  • Storage systems were inefficient: optimised system desired.
  • Customer needed reassurance of stackers’ suitability for heights of 10.5 m.
  • Operating staff were unfamiliar with new fleet technology.
  • Block stacking was taking up floor space: space savings required.
  • High warehouse – optimal height space maximisation desired.


  • Identified appropriate storage and fleet options in close consultation with customer.
  • Delivered ETV stackers with height limit of 10.7 m.
  • Trained staff in use of warehouse equipment.
  • Installed stable and safe racking storage systems.
  • Installed high racking system to maximise height space.


  • Substantial increases in throughput and production achieved.
  • ETVs safely and smoothly handle all loads at all heights.
  • Smooth transition to new warehouse systems and trucks.
  • Increase in available storage space and reduction of real estate costs.
  • Optimal use of space in warehouse, resulting in increased production.

Service Link India in a nutshell:

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