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Efficient warehouse operations

Trouble-free processes in the Wahl & Co high bay warehouse

The long-established Bielefeld-based family-run shipping and logistics company Wahl GmbH & Co. KG offers logistics services for industries and retail. When building its new high bay warehouse at its Bielefeld site, they used our fork lift trucks and assistance systems.

Clever solutions for intralogistics

The most important task for a logistics service provider is to react quickly and flexibly to customer wishes. A seamless process is therefore of the utmost priority for Wahl & Co. The following requirements therefore had to be taken into account when equipping the high bay warehouse, set up with 15,000 pallets: Optimal co-operation of processes from goods receipt to goods outward; optimal support of fork lift truck drivers to prevent errors from happening in advance; simple integration of fork lift trucks into the existing Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Jörn Wahl-Schwentker
CEO of Wahl GmbH & Co KG

“Our operators were ideally supported by the Jungheinrich assistance system from moving the pallet up to storage in the high bay warehouse.”

Intelligent technology allows for streamlined processes

We were able to impress Wahl & Co with our compact, high-performance narrow aisle and reach trucks as well as our award-winning logistics interface. They decided on the ETV 214 reach truck with semi-automatic liftNAVIGATION rack height select. This has the advantage that the driver only has to scan the bar code on the rack after transporting the pallet to the P&D station. The WMS then sends the order, which is translated into an understandable language for the reach truck by the logistics interface. The operator now sees the target on the radio data terminal; at the same time the fork lift truck also knows the correct target height. The operator only has to use the lift lever - the liftNAVIGATION rack height select, semi-automatically brings the forks to the right level. This prevents damage to racking as a result of stacking and retrieval at the wrong height.

Two EKX 515 high rack stackers are also part of the delivery, and these reach a high travel speed. They are equipped with the warehouseNAVIGATION assistance system and receive an order to the fork lift controls from the WMS via the logistics interface. To stack and retrieve the goods, the driver simply has to accelerate, as the fork lift truck already knows the correct route. This saves time and increases efficiency. In addition, the completed order is automatically transmitted back to the WMS via the logistics interface. A scan at the target location is no longer necessary, and the narrow-aisle warehouse can be implemented without labels.

Optimal support of warehouse processes

Jörn Wahl-Schwentker, CEO of Wahl & Co, is impressed with the high bay warehouse technology: “Our operators were perfectly supported by the Jungheinrich assistance systems in moving the pallet to the conveyor technology and on to storage in the high bay warehouse. As a result we’ve benefited from a high level of process security and throughput. We were also impressed by the ease of integrating fork lift trucks to our warehouse management system. It took little effort to make the necessary adjustments.”

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