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Electric End Rider Pallet Truck (2.700 / 3.600 kg)

  • 137 mm
  • 2,700 - 3,600 kg
  • 24-volt 3-phase AC technology
  • Maximum speed and acceleration for maximum productivity
  • Large stand-on platform, optionally sprung for comfortable travel
  • Optional electric steering for effortless control of the truck

ECR 327/ 336

The ECR 327 / 336 electric end rider pallet truck with stand-on platform was developed to increase your productivity, giving you the ability to accomplish more in less time. The highlights:

Quick acceleration The ECR Series has exceptional acceleration.

Not only can operators rapidly obtain maximum speed, but can do so with smooth and precise control due to the proprietary controller and optimal programming.Speed The ECR is the fastest end rider on the market, achieving speeds up to 15 km/h.Smooth directional changes The incredibly responsive regenerative braking system provides a seamless transition from one direction to another, while maintaining load stability.

This feature can be particularly useful when engaging in frequent directional changes and leads to tremendous gains in productivity. High performance reliability on inclinesThe ECR Series also achieves high levels of performance and control on inclines.

This is accomplished through our proprietary Jungheinrich-built motor and high output controller which were designed to meet the application demands of the ECR.

This high level of performance enables you to move more pallets in very short times.


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