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Stage Paternosterregal

Vertical paternoster racking system

  • Maximum use of space using minimum floor area
  • Rapid access to all stored goods due to high circulation speed
  • Storage area increased due to high-density storage
  • Maximum use of space using minimum floor area
  • Extensive safety features and ergonomic design

Vertical carousel system

The PRK consists of carriers and shelves which are always conveyed to the user via the shortest route. The stored goods are automatically delivered via an ergonomically positioned service opening. Each PRK can be used as a stand-alone solution or be incorporated into a combined system.

As a result, PRK vertical carousel has a higher MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure Rate) than most other applications. An emergency hand crank provides permanent access to the stored goods even during a power failure.

To ensure maximum safety, the PRK is equipped with both operator and product photocells. Unauthorised access to stored goods is prevented by the lockable sliding door. In addition to this mechanical anti-theft protection, it is possible to secure the entire system or individual sections using an individual password assignment or by transaction tracking.

Utilising the good-to-person concept eliminates wasted time spent walking and searching to find required parts.

Delivering parts to the workstation can increase productivity by up to 65 percent.

All carriers are delivered at an ergonomically correct height, thereby avoiding unnecessary bending and additional fatigue.

Taking advantage of the unused space in the height enables the PRK to save up to 85 percent compared to racking and drawer systems. The floor space gained as a result can be used for additional production or quality checks.

Different pick-to-light technologies can be integrated to increase accuracy up to 99.9 percent. A transaction information centre at the workstation can report the exact location of the required item, the part number as well as the quantity to be retrieved on the display.


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