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Stage Liftregal

Vertical lift system

  • Significant reduction in storage space by utilising the room height (up to 30 metres)
  • Efficient order picking by shortening routes
  • Flexible expansion capability guarantees future investment security
  • Pick-to-light systems minimise picking errors
  • Easy to connect to a variety of Warehouse Management Systems

Vertical lift system (LRK)

The vertical lift system enables high-density storage on a small footprint, be it in production or in the warehouse. Ideal for remaining flexible in the face of frequently changing goods and keeping productivity levels high. The enclosed system comprises trays stored vertically on both sides, an extractor and a control unit to deliver the goods to an ergonomically arranged service opening. Even during order picking of a tray, the extractor is already working in the background to prepare the next tray in order to minimise time losses. High speeds, minimum waiting times and perfected tray handling all combined to guarantee optimum picking capacity. The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface serves as the interface with your warehouse management software so you can easily connect your vertical lift system to your existing system.


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