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Stage Automatische Lagersysteme

Automated storage and retrieval systems

Automated pallet and miniload warehouses combine rack systems, software and operating equipment into a compact warehouse system. The emphasis is on maximum dynamics and precision, given optimal energy efficiency. When everything works together perfectly, the automated solution will quickly pay off. 

Greater performance and flexibility for the future

Short order cycles, smaller lot sizes, quicker delivery times: In the face of ever increasing market requirements, automated warehouses provide an effective solution. Your benefits: greater throughput, more speed and safety in your material flow and simple operation of different load carriers.

Efficient small parts storage

Speed and precision with optimal energy efficiency determine productivity  in automated miniload warehouses. The rack system, software, associated conveyor system and the core component, the stacker crane, interact perfectly.  

Individual, needs-based and flexible

Regarding the storage of your small parts, different options are available depending on the application. Together we will find a solution for all your applications – adapted to your individual specifications.

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