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Compact storage for greater efficiency

ECS Paneermeel saves space and costs with a multi-depth storage system

Due to increasing demand, ECS Paneermeel in the Netherlands kept increasing production - and soon started running out of space for tons of breadcrumbs. We were able to provide the necessary storage space and also improve efficiency with a multi-depth storage system.

The FIFO principle

ECS Paneermeel Industrie B.V., a subsidiary of the Dutch company De Korrel Beheer B.V., is one of the largest producers of breadcrumbs in Europe. As well as standard goods, the foodstuffs company also delivers bespoke products such as specifically sized grain or special mixtures. Demand is increasing rapidly, such that production recently reached record levels of 25 million kilograms per year. ECS was not able to store this quantity in its warehouse in Barneveld. For this reason, we were tasked with expanding capacity and also to increase efficiency and flexibility of the warehouse. In addition, it was important for the client that the FIFO principle (First-In First-Out) was implemented in the warehouse. Our solution: a multi-depth storage system with Under Pallet Carrier (UPC).

John Dokter
CEO of ECS Paneermeel Industrie B.V.

“We are much more flexible due to the Jungheinrich multi-depth storage system with UPC.“

More efficient storage via UPC

The warehouse structure at ECS primarily consisted of drive-in racking. However, the new holistic solution featuring a channel rack, basic truck, and shuttle has several advantages. Amongst other things, it allows for high density storage and semi-automated pallet storage, therefore making it particularly cost-effective. The core of the multi-depth storage system is the UPC. Driving beneath the pallets with standard forks ensures that it is possible to keep filling up and picking items in line with the FIFO principle. Filling up channels in batches means the UPC provides optimal performance. To avoid downtime, the operators can control the UPC during the approach as the operating terminal is integrated in a holder within the operator’s reach on the fork lift truck. The company benefits from considerably greater efficiency during loading.

Flexible and safe

“Due to the Jungheinrich multi-depth storage system with UPC, we can store a full batch in a single channel without any effects on the storage density of the upper or lower channels. We are considerably more flexible”, says owner John Dokter, explaining why our solution was chosen. The welfare of his staff in the warehouse was also important to Dokter. Semi-automation provides considerably enhanced safety.

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