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Stage EJC 112z

Pedestrian stacker 1.2t

  • 2,500 - 4,700 mm
  • 1,200 kg
  • Additional support arm lift
  • Manoeuvrable and compact
  • Sensitive lifting

EJC 112z

The EJC 112z is a Series 1 stacker truck with additional support arm lift for increased ground clearance and improved versatility in use. It is used in situations where loads of up to 1.2 t need to be stacked and retrieved at heights of up to 4700 mm or where goods with a weight of up to 2.0 t are transported. With a narrow aisle width, the EJC is extremely light and safe to manoeuvre even in restricted areas.

With the auxiliary lift as a second lift mechanism, the supports arms can be raised independently of the forks. This allows the EJC 112z to cope effortlessly with uneven floors, ramps, thresholds and loading bridges. The support arm and mast lift operate independently of each other. This enables double-deck transport of 2 pallets at the same time (optional).

Loads can be precisely lifted and gently lowered with the standard proportional hydraulic system. Gentle stacking of large loads is made possible by the controlled lift motor and the handy buttons on the tiller arm.

The energy required by the EJC 112z is provided either by conventional batteries with max. 200 Ah capacity or alternatively by a lithium-ion battery with a 110 Ah capacity. An integrated and moisture/dust-resistant battery charger (optional) allows simple recharging of the battery at any 230 V socket. This is particularly advantageous for rapid and boosting charges of lithium-ion batteries.

Due to the auxiliary lift and its compact dimensions, the EJC 112z offers the perfect conditions for fast and efficient goods throughput.


No worries. No compromise.

With the Jungheinrich Li-ion Guarantee Plus, we give you a long-term performance promise of up to 5 years on our high-quality lithium-ion batteries.
Li-Ionen Zufriedenheitsgarantie Neu
100 % satisfaction. Guaranteed.

We are convinced this decision is right for you. That‘s why we guarantee that you can easily and quickly switch back to the original technology at any time within the first 6 months – without stating reasons.


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